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Deciding just when is the right time to tell people the news of your pregnancy is a very personal thing.

Some women can’t keep the secret at all and start spreading the news as soon as they have found out themselves.

Others have just a very small group of close friends and family that they want to tell – perhaps a mother and father, a best friend, and a brother or sister.

Then there are those who prefer to play it safe and wait until the antenatal screening and tests are complete, just to make sure that the pregnancy is a healthy one.

There are no rules regarding what is right or wrong. It’s definitely a case of what is right for you.

If you do choose to tell people in the earliest stages of your pregnancy, you should, though, be emotionally prepared to un-tell them, in the unfortunate event that the pregnancy does not proceed as planned. It is estimated that one in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage

Your employer

There is no obligation to inform your employer of your pregnancy immediately but do make sure you find out your company’s policy on just what is appropriate notice.

Even though it does seem like a long way off, a little thought about how far into your pregnancy you plan to work, and when, if at all, you intend to come back to work post-baby. Your employer has a right to discuss this all with you so it is good to have some answers ready.

Before you speak to your employer, take some time to understand your maternity leave entitlements.


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This article was written by Claire Halliday for Kidspot NZ.

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