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New Zealand Apple Products

NZ Apple Products: Freeze Dried Apple Sticks & Fruit Medley

We are giving 200 members the chance to trial and review New Zealand Apple Products Freeze Dried Apple Sticks & ...
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Free Trial: SunRice Baby Rice Cereal

Calling parents with babies aged 5 - 10 months! Register to trial SunRice Baby Rice Cereal ...
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Mums review…

SunRice Baby Rice Cereal


Its safe to say my 7 month old LOVED both flavours! The packaging is lovely and the koalas on the front make it appealing to both adults and the little ones eating it. I also love how the packet re seals so it will keep fresh and not go off. I found it was great that you can easily make the rice cereal with either water, breastmilk or formula and knowing it has the extra iron in it that babies need at this age is also a added bonus. I thought it was fantastic that they have a mixed vegetable flavour too as it adds some variety into meal times! Overall I would definitely recommend these products to anyone wanting a good quality food for their baby you won’t be disappointed!

Review by LPalmer

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