Coconut cupcakes

These coconut cupcakes are dense and moist. They use coconut milk and dessicated coconut for flavour and they have a very similar texture to friands. Top them with delicious cream cheese icing flavoured with coconut essence

Rainbow cupcakes

These cute little cupcakes have pretty layers that are all the colours of the rainbow. Make them with your family for a fun rainy day activity or serve them up at your rainbow-themed party.

Elmo cupcakes

Kids and grown-ups alike love him and now you can easily have Elmo cupcakes at your party. Take your favourite cupcake recipe and decorate just like this for little effort and lots of wow factor.

Jaffa cupcakes

This cupcake mixture is so tasty that you might feel tempted to eat it all before it gets into the oven! Don’t cave into temptation though because the cooked results are even better.

Cute carrot cupcakes

These cute-as-a-button carrot cupcakes are packed full of healthy grated carrot, which means not only are the sweet and pretty, but they are also good for you! The kids will LOVE these little goodies come Easter time!

Ninjago cupcakes

Do you have a little Ninja running around your house? If you do, then he may just fall in love with these cute cupcakes. They look fancy but anyone can have fun making these!

Monogrammed cupcakes

These cupcakes are simple to make and decorate, but spectacular and sophisticated! Perfect for a first birthday party, where many of the guests are often adults Older kids are also very pleased to have individualised surprises.

Owl cupcakes

These cute owl cupcakes are easy to make with the kids and perfect for fundraisers and fetes. Get baking for a cute afternoon tea treat.

Smiley cupcakes

These smiley cupcakes are really easy to make and super-yummy! Adding the sultanas makes the cupcakes more moist, but they're still just as delicious without them. Make these for your next birthday party!

Puppy cupcakes

These cute little puppy cupcakes are easy to make with kids, and perfect for fundraisers and fetes. They are great if you're fundraising for an animal welfare group.