Potato, bacon and egg pies

Whenever I make these potato, bacon and egg pies, everyone - absolutely everyone - seems to fall upon it with fervour. Children particularly. The flavours are familiar, with just the right amount of cream and egg with crumbly pastry.

Breakfast pie

These breakfast pies can be made using regular pantry ingredients that are all affordable. You will just need to add some basil and filo pastry.

Zucchini bake

This delicious zucchini bake is full of healthy veggies and bacon and is a perfect light lunch with a side salad. Cut it into slices and pop it into lunchboxes for grown ups or bake it into muffins for an easy kids lunchbox solution.

Sweet potato frittata

A variation on a traditional recipe, this frittata uses sweet potato as well as regular potatoes. This frittata is a great lunch option and can be served either hot or cold with a salad on the side. Also great for lunch boxes!