Sleep away

Babies are always gorgeous, but even better when they are in a peaceful slumber and you know they will wake up with a smile if they are sent off with one. Send baby to sleep with a smile created by your sweet voice.

Good night

This is a lovely before bed lullaby which can be sung to your newborn right through to your darling toddler it is soothing and restful.


Send baby off to sleep with sweet dreams and your voice with this dreamy lullaby. Learning tunes and having a bedtime routine can really impress upon babies that it is now time to sleep.

Drift away

Sing sweet lullabies to baby and send them into a sweet slumber. Your voice is one of the sweetest your baby knows and will comfort them and set them in good stead for a comfortable night sleep.

Lay and rest

Quite often we get to bedtime and we sing the same old tune to the kids and it is like a broken record. Try some newer versions of older lullabies to familiar tunes and see some great results with sleeping babies.

Goodnight baby

There is no better voice than your own. Baby loves that the most. It matters not how good or bad it sounds to you, baby is the most comfortable with it. So, sing to bub at bedtime and send them off sweetly.

Ten Little Indians

Get your baby giggling as you sing the classic nursery rhyme Ten Little Indians. This a great baby game and kids activity to teach your little ones about music, rhyme and language.


All kids love to sing! Kids music is a magic way for kids to learn, especially through singing childrens songs. The repetition of the childrens song lyrics, makes learning kids songs a fun favourite for babies through to school age kids.

Old King Cole

Old king cole was a merry old song, this is a fun rhyme with repetition, rhyming and counting so it covers all learning things while having fun.

Laugh and run

Bedtime comes and baby is sleepy but just won't drop off to sleep. Every parent knows that feeling. Send them off lovingly with a sweet lullaby to a familiar tune. Lullabies are a lovely way to get baby ready for bed.

This old man

Make your baby smile as you sing the classic nursery rhyme This Old Man. This a great baby activity to teach your little ones about music, rhyme and language. Help your baby learn and play with them today.