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Easter egg biscuits

Easter is a great time to hit the kitchen with the kids and get baking. They'll love helping you make this easy biscuits in the shape of Easter eggs - and after they're out of the oven, they can go crazy decorating. Fun!

Greek easter biscuits

These biscuits are traditionally made each Easter and are a delicious alternative to the chocolate-and-hot-cross-bun combo you may usually eat! A short pastry dough, you can shape it into traditional shapes or make up your own

Easter chick pops

Move over chocolate eggs! These delightful little Easter chick marshmallow pops will be a hit with the kids, and they’re simple and budget-friendly to make.

Easter Bunny tails

These cute little Easter Bunny tails are made from marshmallow, chocolate and coconut. They are a fun Easter activity for the kids and a lovely treat for friends and family.

Easter egg bocce

Eggs are traditionally associated with Easter so what better kids' activity to keep the little ones busy than Easter egg bocce (bowls)!  Don't worry - we're talking hard boiled eggs of course. Anything else would just be a yolk!