21 Allergy-friendly Easter Recipes

Easter can be a tricky time if you’re the parent of a child with food allergies, and a sad and confusing time if you’re the child with the allergies! But there’s no reason why your kids need to miss out on the scrumptious fun.

Nut-free, egg-free, dairy-free and gluten-free, we’ve got all the major allergies and intolerances covered with this list of lip-smacking Easter treats.

Nut-free nibbles

1. Iced bunny biscuits

Get creative with these sweet bunny bickies that the kids can easily help you prepare. Simple to make and simply delish to eat.

2. Jelly bean Easter bark

Two ingredients is all that stands between you and this pretty Easter bark, dotted with colourful bits of yum.

3. Portuguese custard tarts

So much better than the shop-bought variety, these little gems will add something special to your Easter table.

4. Greek Easter biscuits

Get traditional with a batch of these plain, but totally satisfying biscuits. It’s not all about chocolate you know!

5. Chocolate rabbits

It’s time to up the ante! Make your own chocolate bunnies and your kids will think you’re an absolute hero.

6. Marshmallow and passionfruit dip

Here’s a novel way to get your kids munching on fruit, between bites of chocolate. This velvety dip will have everyone licking their lips.

7. Glazed hot cross buns

Easter is not Easter without warm and fluffy hot cross buns! Finished off with a shiny glaze, these little beauties are just picture perfect.

Egg-free eats

8. Easter bunny tails

Looking for an edible Easter gift that’s not chocolate? A jar of these cuter-than-cute bunny tails will do the trick.

9. Banana pancakes with caramel sauce

Make your Easter weekend one to remember. Serve up a brekkie like this on Easter Sunday and no one will ever forget it!

10. Easy honey joys

Planning an Easter party? These crunchy bites are always a popular option with a crowd of excited kids.

11. Luscious lemon tarts

The zesty sourness of this amazing lemon tart will be a welcome distraction from all those sickly sweet Easter eggs. Yum!

12. Fluffy marshmallow cones

Not only are these special treats egg-free, but they are gluten-free and nut-free too! It’s the ideal party food solution for kids with multiple allergies.

Dairy-free delicacies

13. 3-ingredient pineapple cake

This tasty Easter bake is best served with a smearing of coconut cream icing. Easter tea time? Yes please.

14. Easter carrot snack bags

Clever, fast and NOT laden with sugar. This is one Easter treat all mums (and kids!) are going to love.

15. Crowd-pleasing chocolate cupcakes

Every celebration needs a good batch of chocolate cupcakes. And this allergy-friendly recipe will not disappoint.

16. Honey orange layer cake

You won’t believe how moist and fragrant this orange cake is. Guaranteed to make your Easter eggs-tra spectacular!

Gluten-free gorgeousness

17. 2-ingredient Nutella cake

Prepare to be wowed by this awesome cake that requires only two ingredients. You won’t believe your tastebuds once you take a bite!

18. Mandarin cake

This flourless citrus cake will have everybody lining up for a second piece, so be prepared this Easter and make TWO.

19. Scones

You’ve got the option of making sweet or savoury scones from this versatile recipe. Either way, you’re in for a something special.

20. Mini somerset apple cakes

Made from crisp Granny Smith apples, you’ll be surprised at how healthy these fruity little bites actually are.

21. Pikelets

Dress these little discs with your favourite spread, or eat them just as they are. Light, fluffy and totally irresistible.

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  1. Jodyw75 12/04/2022 at 4:59 pm

    Thank you!
    My boy has just turned two, and so is finally understanding celebration. Still going around the house singing Happy Birthday, like when I lit the fire the other night haha. But he’s allergic to cows milk, so I need to be creative about Easter treats. His birthday cake was dairy free, but it’s not always easy to work out the alternatives. Looking forward to trying 3 ingredient pineapple cake – sounds amazing!

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