Easy homemade Christmas card ideas

Every Christmas my kids get a tip-load of generic Christmas cards from their class-mates.  The flimsy white envelopes multiply in the bottom of their school bags, forgotten until I fish them out, open them up and read the perfunctory, “To X from X” message that some 10-year-old has scrawled on the inside. Out of respect for the gesture and also because I like hanging Christmas cards, I hang them on a string over the dining room window.

It’s a nice idea, but something about the generic nature of the card and the minimalist message written on it, makes me go, “Meh.”  Once in a while, however, one of those kids makes their own card and all of a sudden it’s a different story. Instead of imagining some kid sitting at a table routinely filling out cards like an adult doing their tax, I visualise a little kid lovingly crafting a homemade card for his friend. It’s a whole different ball game, don’t you think?

If your kids love craft (my kids do) here are five easy homemade Christmas card ideas you can help them make for their friends this year.

1. Woodland diorama Christmas card

This one is quite fancy. My kids love making these cut out cards. Once you show them the simple trick behind making a pop up card, they won’t want to stop.  Watch the video to find out how to make a diorama Christmas card.

Find more instructions for the Woodland Diorama Christmas card here

2. Paper bauble Christmas card

This one is easy AND you can use up any old Christmas paper you have lying around. Just use a drinking glass to make circles.


Find more instructions for the paper bauble Christmas card here

3. Snowflake Christmas card

This one requires a little bit of fine motor skillery but it’s well worth the effort. You can just use a kitchen skewer to pierce the holes.

Find more instructions for the snowflake Christmas card here

4. Cupcake wrapper snowflake Christmas card

While you’re into snowflakes, this one is addictive too. Once your kids realise how easy it is to make intricate snowflake out of a patty cake wrapper, you’ll find yourself drowning in Christmas snowflakes. Just stick ’em to the front of a card. Noice.


Find more instructions for how to make a snowflake out of a cupcake wrapper here

5. 3D angel Christmas card

Another crafty way to make use of old Christmas wrapping or even old Christmas cards from last year. Use the patterned bit to make your 3D angel. Don’t forget to bend her wings a bit so that she ‘pops out’ of the card.

Find more instructions for how to make a 3D angel Christmas card here

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  1. kymmage 05/12/2017 at 2:12 pm

    Some really cute ideas. I think there is a certain level of production line whether it’s handmade or not. But I understand the sentiment. Handmade suggests a level of care and thought that store brought can’t.

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