Top 12 Stocking Fillers

Costume World

Angry Birds Jigsaw Puzzle Cube

A great stocking filler and perfect to keep the kids quiet while the adults have a nap on Christmas afternoon.

RRP $2.99

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Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

Sweet handmade crochet treats! Perfect as toys or as a beautiful decoration for a child’s room.  Made just the right size for the kids.

Price: from  $9.99

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Potato Gun

Potato Gun

Use the gun to shoot soft, harmless potato pellets. As long as the spud remains, you won’t run out of ammo.

RRP $8.90

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Belly Beyond

Nuk Forest Fun Comfort Teether Teddy

Perfect for baby’s first Christmas, not only is it good to chew on, this teether also has different textures and sounds.

Price: $14.99

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Thinking putty

Thinking Putty

Charming shimmering silver, gold, red and green sparkles. Power it up with the included Glow Charger.

RRP $34.99

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Bug Tattoos

Bug tattoos

Cute bug tattoos – great fun and good for scaring people !

Price: $7

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Freaky Face Trex Hand Puppet

Create freaky faces and channel your inner predator! .

RRP $11.99

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Stuck in Poo

Stuck in Poo, What to do?

A story about a cheeky Pukeko, Red Band gumboots and cow poo!

RRP $19.99

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Pixie Party Supplies

Glitter gel scented pen

Clickable pens that write in colored glitter gel ink. Comes in a packaged own recyclable premium gift tube.

RRP $5.99

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Swanndri Kid's Logo Cotton Tee

Swanndri Kid’s Logo Cotton Tee

Get then in a Swanni T – the look for any cool kid

RRP $24.95

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Nightball Soccer Ball

Nightball Soccer Ball

Glow-in-the-dark ball guarantees quality play during both day and night, and is waterproof and floats for fun pool play.

RRP $39.95

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Wobble Pen

In a Wobble Game

In a Wobble is a game of precision, skill and silliness. See how steady your drawing hand is with a giant wobbly pen!

RRP $19.95

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