Baby scrapbooking

Baby scrapbooking

Special cards, notes, flowers and photos are all etched in our memories, but they won't last there forever and your baby will have no idea just how special their birth was and what it meant to your family. Show them in years to come just how amazing their coming into the world was.

What you need:

  • scrapbook
  • photo-safe glue
  • heavy books for pressing
  • markers
  • embellishments
  • ruler
  • scrapping paper


Number of players:


Set yourself up on a table with plenty of space.

Gather keepsakes and other mementos from the birth of your bundle.

Set up your scrapping page with plenty of personal touches.

Have a look at these layouts to be inspired.

Scrapping ideas could include:

  • First photo
  • Special visitors to the hospital
  • First bath
  • Visiting grandparent
  • First mother/father's day
  • Sibling cuddles
  • Pressing flowers given at the hospital

The only limit is your imagination. Enjoy your scrapping and show it all to your child in years to come and they will have the perfect keepsake to look back on.

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