How to write poetry: Shape poems

How to write poetry: Shape poems

Shape poems are also known as concrete poems. These poems reflect what you like about a shape or particular subject. These poems work well for any occasion. You could do a heart for Valentines Day, a Christmas tree for a gift or even a present shape for a birthday.

What you need:

  • grey lead or pen for writing
  • paper

Decorative option:

  • cardstock for gift cards
  • coloured markers
  • coloured pencils
  • scissors

Number of players:


To begin your poem, you will need to think of a shape. It can be anything you like from footy to flutes, rainbows to raindrops.

Next you will need to think of five to 10 facts or thoughts about your shape. These can be phrases or just simple facts about your shape. If you were doing football or a particular team, you could name the players and postions. 

Outline your shape on a piece of paper and begin to put your words into that shape. Remember though, if we were to take away that outline, your shape still has to be recognisable. You may like to put the words around the outside as an outline, or do as we have done with the heart below.

In this poem, we have chosen to rhyme our words. This is not something that is essential – shape poems can just be factual and fun.

Have a turn now and remember to have fun with colour afterwards.

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