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Long car trips can be torture. But it’s surprising how compliant kids are when you give them a game with simple rules. This game relies on a good vocabulary and some spelling prowess, so it’s ideal for older children.


Number of players:


Decide on what order the players will go in – clockwise around the car starting with driver is a good solution. Or you could go by order of age: oldest to youngest or vice versa.

The first player thinks of a letter of the alphabet followed by two more letters that make a three letter word.

For example: the letter might be “H” and the three letter word would be “hen.”

The player then gives everyone a clue that would go something like this: “H plus two letters is a farmyard animal.”

The next person has to try to guess the word – hen – and then states their own clue to a new word beginning with H, this time adding one more letter to the word.

For example: “H plus three letters is a part of the foot.”  Heel.

The game continues with each word getting longer with each turn. The first person to fail to think of or guess a word is out. Last person standing is the winner.

Choose a new letter for the next round and start again.

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