Make your own maraca

Make your own maraca

Music soothes the soul – or so they say. These noisy maracas will not soothe anything else, but I bet your kids will have a blast! Give them a hand creating these maracas so they can make their own music.

What you need:

  • funnel
  • a recycled drink bottle
  • cellophane or paint to decorate
  • tape
  • scissors
  • rice

Decorative options:

  • powdered or chocolate food colouring
  • craft or poster paint
  • googly eyes
  • bright wool

Number of players:


Use a funnel to pour rice into the small drink bottle.

Fill a little and replace the lid.

Test its sound quality by shaking it.

If it is not a desired sound then add more.

Get your child involved in this measuring process, and let them be the decider on how much rice should be put inside the bottle.

Once satisfied, get them to decorate by taping coloured strips or shapes of cellophane to the bottle


  • Other decorative options include adding a small amount of powdered or chocolate food colouring to the rice. Add it to the bottle and as you make the first shakes of music, watch the colouring take effect on the rice.
  • Paint the outside of the bottle one or more colours to create a bright band piece.
  • Add some googly eyes to the bottle and some coloured wool for hair and paint yourself a pretty person maraca.
  • These bottles make a great rattle for babies just starting to explore sounds.

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