Pool game for kids: Treasure toys

Treasure hunts are always fun. Every kid loves them. Have fun in the water with this game of treasure hunt – the kids may just learn a thing or two.

What you need:

  • Swimming pool
  • Swim ready children
  • Pool toys – all different either by colour or shape
  • Supervising adult


Number of players:


Either stand each child on the edge of the pool or sit them in holding the wall.

Make sure they are not peeking!

Throw in pool toys one by one waiting for them to sink to the bottom.

Give the kids an order they need to find the toys in. So if there is a pink, blue, green and yellow toy, tell them to find them in that order.

The person who gets the first toy has to remember the order and retrieve all four toys out in that order.

Take turns in bringing the toys up in order changing it each time.
This game can be played with one child and an adult supervising making up the toy retrieval plan, or two kids each taking turns with adult supervision.

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