Ribbon pencil holder

Ribbon pencil holder

If you are looking for fun craft ideas for kids, making ribbon pencil holders are a great way to inspire your kids' creativity. You can also use this project as a way to teach your children about colours! This budget-friendly kids activity is perfect for the holiday season, birthday parties or school holidays.

What you need:

  • Coloured ribbons
  • Empty can
  • Glue

Number of players:


Wrap a ribbon around the can, leaving a 5cm gap between each line.

Glue the end of the ribbon in place.

Wrap a different coloured ribbon next to the first ribbon, spiralling it to the base of the can.

Repeat as many times as you want with different coloured ribbons until the whole can is wrapped.

Run glue around the top opening of the can.

Place a ribbon along the very top of the can opening, allowing half the ribbon to overlap the ridge of the can and glue it down on the inside of the opening to cover and sharp edges of the can.

You now have a ribbon-fabulous pencil holder or utensils holder that will cheer up any room.

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