Ricky Zoom – Colouring In Page

Zoom into Adventure with Ricky Zoom and colour in Ricky and his Bike Buddies Loop, Scootio and DJ.

Built for speed, he’s a little red rescue bike who shares his experiences with his loyal Bike Buddies Loop, Scootio and DJ. Together they race around the sports track, try new stunts at the park, and zoom into every adventure!

Ricky lives in Wheelford! It’s a two wheeled town tailor-made for bikes where the close-knit community is always on hand to guide Ricky on the road to becoming a rescue bike. Whether help comes from mum or dad, the town mechanic, or local police bike, Ricky and the Bike Buddies have all the support they need as they learn to stand on their own two wheels.

Ricky Zoom is on TVNZ 2 starting 8.15am, 4 January 2021. Find more

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Ricky Zoom Colouring In Page

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