Sandpaper and wood play

Sandpaper and wood play

Get the kids outside in the warm weather with this creative and imaginative kids activity. All you need are the scraps of wood from your garden, some sandpaper and see what shapes and objects your kids can dream up and produce!

What you need:

  • sandpaper
  • wood pieces or sticks
  • glue

Number of players:


Fold your sandpaper square into a size your child can manage.

Give your child some small wood scraps (square or rectangular are good).

Give a demonstration how to run the sandpaper over the wood and how to start to shape the wood.

Help your child run the sandpaper over their wood.

Explain the difference between a rough surface and a sanded surface.

Once you've sanded the wood scraps take some glue and attach the pieces and make a unique sculpture!


  • If you are using square or rectangular shapes, grab some non toxic paint and make some building blocks the kids can enjoy.

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