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Creative kids who love to include dolls in their play will find hours of imaginative fun with Zuru Toys Sparkle Girlz doll range.

With glittery hair, cute style and a range of fun accessories, these dolls can be paired with their favourite toys for the ultimate afternoon of play. Don’t just take our word for it though, see what three of our Junior Toy Analysts thought about the Sparkle Girlz doll range.

Meet our Junior Toy Analysts


Meet Aria

Age: 4.5 years old 

Favourite colour: Pink and purple

Favourite food: Ice cream with sprinkles

Favourite toy: Any kind of doll and her baby pram


Meet Ella

Age: 7 years old 

Favourite colours: Green and blue

Favourite food: Fish & Chips

Favourite toy: Science Kits


Meet Ruby

Age: 5 years old 

Favourite colours: All of the rainbow

Favourite food: Everything pineapple

Favourite toy: Any type of fluffy toy

See what Aria and her mum thought about …

ZURU Sparkle Girlz 18″ Princess Doll

At 18 inches tall, this is a very impressive doll for a little girl to receive. Aria was absolutely delighted when she saw the size of the box and couldn’t wait to get her new princess doll out. She was named Jasmine (as she resembled the Disney princess of the same name) and Aria loved her gorgeous, long, silky hair, as well as her beautiful dress, which is interchangeable with other 18” Sparkle Girlz dolls. She immediately set up Jasmine’s ‘kingdom’ which consisted of all her soft toys and other baby dolls. We also had to fashion a throne for her out of some cardboard and the wooden building blocks, and once this was done she could address her royal subjects. Her first royal order was that they all have a picnic!

aria playing with sparkle

ZURU Sparkle Girlz Unicorn Princess doll

This is such an adorable toy and very different to other dolls that Aria has – she has a unicorn crown with cute little ears and a horn! Her long purple hair is amazing to brush and style and  she comes with a colourful, sparkly outfit that is interchangeable with other Sparkle Girlz dolls.

Aria loved her sweet little ballet shoes too and decided that she was a ballerina unicorn princess. She incorporated her new ballerina unicorn princess into her play with her other dolls very easily, but I did keep catching her staring at her new doll and stroking her hair lovingly … so it’s safe to assume she is the new favourite.

There are four of these super sparkly unicorn dolls to collect and they each come in a cone which is a unique presentation. They are such good value too! They’d make great stocking stuffers for Christmas if you are looking to get organised early this year.

See what Ella, Ruby and their mum thought about…

ZURU Sparkle Girlz Fairy doll

Ella and Ruby were lucky enough to get a Sparkle Girlz Fairy and a Sparkle Girlz Unicorn Princess each to play with. The Sparkle Girlz Fairy came in a colourful vibrant package that looks like an ice cream cone and the dolls themselves have beautiful colourful outfits. Ruby’s doll had a bright orange and blue fairy dress & Ella’s a green and rainbow outfit, plus both dolls had glittery highlights in their hair and glittery wings to match their outfits. As a mum, I loved how the wings were attached to the fairy’s outfits so there is less chance of them getting lost.

Sparkle Girlz

ZURU Sparkle Girlz Unicorn Princess doll

The smaller Sparkle Girlz Unicorn Princess dolls came in cute cupcake packaging that the girls adored. They loved their little unicorn ears and the horn on top of their head looks like a dress up head band they both have, which they though was really exciting. The girls also loved the gorgeous pink and purple colour in their hair as it matched other dolls they love to play with.

Ella & Ruby quickly starting playing in their dolls house with both the Fairy and Unicorn dolls in a game called big sister, little sister. It wasn’t long before their other Sparkle Girlz dolls joined in on the fun and there was lots of giggling in their room as they made up their own stories with the doll house as the backdrop. Ruby has a Sparkle Girlz horse who also got in on the action and the girls enjoyed popping their dolls on the horse and flying around the room. One of the best things about the Fairy dolls is that the girls were able to custom them to their own style by playing with their hair and swapping dresses.

Its safe to say that the Sparkle Girlz are a big hit in our house!

Grab your own Sparkle Girlz doll

Brought to you by Zuru Toys, makers of the amazing Bunch O Balloons, Pets Alive and Rainbocorns, the Sparkle Girlz doll range promotes children’s imagination and creativity.

Starting at just $9, Sparkle Girlz dolls are an affordable toy option for families. With gorgeous removable outfits and shoes, long soft-rooted hair, and five different points of movement to pose the doll in different ways, the range features adorable themes such as fairy, unicorns, princesses and more, for endless play and fun.

The Sparkle Girlz range also offers multiple sizes of dolls and accessories, including castles, unicorns and even a radio control car!

Sparkle Girlz dolls and their accessories can be purchased at your nearest Toyworld or The Warehouse.

Review products were kindly provided by ZURU Toys.

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