Meet Ricky Zoom

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Meet Ricky Zoom – the fastest new friend for preschoolers and coming to your TV screen in January 2021! Built for speed, he’s a little red rescue bike who shares his experiences with his loyal Bike Buddies Loop, Scootio and DJ.

Together they race around the sports track, try new stunts at the park, and zoom into every adventure!

Ricky to the resuce

Ricky is a little red rescue bike who is determined to be as good at rescues as his parents, Helen and Hank, Wheelford’s daring and brave first-responders.

Along with his enthusiastic Bike Buddies Loop, Scootio and DJ – and his cheeky little sister, Toot, whenever she manages to get in on the act – they race around Wheelford using their different skills, resourcefulness and resilience (and performing thrilling bike stunts) to overcome all of life’s challenges, both big and small.

Ricky and his team

While they don’t always get it right first time, they understand the importance of teamwork and know that by working together they can succeed. So, even though Ricky may be the first to race to the rescue, his Buddies support him in every adventure.

Ricky’s pace and courage, Scootio’s brainpower and cool hi-tech gadgets, DJ’s super-toolbox and big-hearted endeavour and Loop’s enthusiasm and Loopy Booster-power enable them to tackle the toughest problems and come out on top together, learning valuable life lessons along the track.

A whole new two-wheeled world

Life with Ricky and his friends is always full of fun, comedy, and excitement, while instilling values and themes which support the development of a child’s EQ and IQ. Designed to appeal to boys and girls aged 3-5, Ricky Zoom gives preschoolers a whole new, two-wheeled world, unlike anything else on screen, that they can explore along with the Bike Buddies.

Full of speed and colour to engage young children, it fires their imagination with exciting stunts such as double backflips and wheelies, and thrilling and inventive rescues – all safely backed up by the valuable life lessons and emotional support of the adult community.

Watching the Bike Buddies work out how to tackle a problem helps to foster friendship and promote teamwork, while telling action-packed and appealing stories.

Coming to your TV screen

Ricky Zoom, the first-ever all-bike show for preschoolers, is set to race onto TVNZ 2 screens from 8.15am, Monday 4 January 2020. This brand-new series is a fun, highspeed animated adventure based on friendships, growing up, family and community.

You can find out more about Ricky and his friends at

Fun activities

Download some fun, free, printable Ricky Zoom activities:

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