Myths about in-home childcare

As you look for a childcare option that works for your family you will come across different options including preschools, babysitters, and in-home childcare options that include nannies and au pairs.

Everyone you speak with will have their own reckons on the pros and cons of childcare, and often share information that they truly believe, however it is in fact a myth.

Here we dispel some of the common myths about in-home childcare options such as home-based care, nannies or au pairs.

Myth #1 – Anyone can be an in-home carer

If you have someone looking after your child you want to be sure of the quality of care and education they will provide your child.

The provision of home-based care is covered under New Zealand law so any licenced service provider must meet minimum standards of care and education. Check with your prospective Educator that they are licenced.

Myth #2 – My child will not receive a quality early childhood education

The Education Act 1989 covers the provision of home-based education or care ‘for gain or reward’ so licenced providers will have a care and education programme that they will implement for your 5 years and under child.

Your carer will develop a learning programme especially for your child that takes into account their age, development and interests. They will receive on-going training and support from their agency, and often have a will also be able to access further resources.

Myth #3 – My child will be socially isolated

In-home childcare and education agencies provide their carers (and the children) with plenty of opportunities for socialising including playgroups and outings.

In addition, you are able to combine care options and use a mixture of in-home care and centre based care if you wish.

Myth #4 – In-home childcare is expensive

Prior to starting school, every New Zealand child aged between 3 and 6 qualifies for 20 hours of subsidised early childhood education (ECE)  services per week. This applies if your child is in a licenced in-home childcare programme. In addition, you may qualify for OSCAR and Work and Income childcare. These are means tested and depend on your family’s circumstances.

Myth #5 – Using in-home childcare is a paperwork nightmare

If you are employing a carer direct, you are in effect their employer and so you can be faced with a huge amount of administration with no guaranteed outcome.

Using an in-home employment agency means you can leave all the paperwork to them! They have all the systems and processes set up to ensure that au pairs have experience, are suitable to care for children, have the right documentation, and are paid accurately. They sort out the PAYE, ACC and leave records. They will also organise to receive the 20 hours ECE, OSCAR or childcare subsidies that you are eligible for.

Au Pair Link take all of their au pairs on a three day orientation where they learn child first aid (through St John), theoretical driving lessons, culture shock, along with childhood education and behaviour management strategies. They provide playgroups, exclusive outings, education resources and organise au pair trips away too! Your family will be allocated your own qualified ECE teacher who will meet with you, your children and your au pair on a monthly basis to ensure everything is going well. They will be on-hand 24/7 for guidance and support.

They help with settling your au pair into the New Zealand way of life, provide you with support and mediation. They can help place another au pair with you should your first choice not work out.

author robynWritten by Robyn Taylor for Au Pair Link

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  1. Bevik1971 22/05/2019 at 10:16 am

    When my son was growing up I worked full time from when he was about 4 months old – I was a single Mum and he was in full time daycare until he reached about 3 years and then was in Kindy and part time home based care. I found it really great, she was lovely and my son really enjoyed it 🙂

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