Personal lubricant – why it should be every lady’s best friend

Personal lubricant is a commonly overlooked product in the sex toy industry. However, in all its underestimated glory, lube should be considered a holy grail in anyone women’s sex life, single or otherwise! This slippery substance can help ease pain, increase pleasure, and prevent condoms from ripping, making for safer and more pleasurable sex.

If you don’t already have a bottle of lube in your bedside drawer, then now’s the perfect time to invest in some!


While it may be widely believed that women should produce plenty of natural lubrication, this isn’t true! Women can experience vaginal dryness at any age, and the amount of natural lubrication one produces is totally dependent on hormonal levels. So it’s totally okay if you find yourself needing to reach for some lube – and besides, a lot of people just prefer a little extra lubrication!

Lube is perfect if you’re wanting to introduce sex toys into your sex life. Dildos, vibrators, and other toys, should all be used with lubrication to ensure that your experience is pain-free, and that your new toys will glide in with no issues.

Likewise, lube is great for assisting with penetrative sex, particularly if you have previously felt discomfort or too much friction. Apply a generous amount and you will be all good to go, sans pain! In particular, lube should always be used if you’re attempting anal sex, as this area doesn’t self-lubricate at all, and therefore can be quite painful.

A best-seller such as Wet Stuff Gold is designed to be extra-long lasting, with a slightly warming sensation to increase pleasure. As it is water-based, this lube is safe for use with condoms and sex toys, making it the perfect lube to add to your collection!

Added pleasure

Whether you’re riding solo or have a partner, lubricant can make sex and masturbation a whole lot better. With a range of lubes available in different sensations and flavours, there really is something out there for everyone! For a gourmet option, try out the delicious System Jo Gelato range, with flavours such as tiramisu, salted caramel, and crème brûlée. This is guaranteed to make everything taste better, and is perfect for oral sex! Or, if you’re after a new sensation, a product such as the Climax Bursts Warming Lubricant provides heightened senses with its enriched warming formula.

No worries

Using a sex lubricant will ease your mind, as you won’t need to worry about being too dry during sex, or having to stop halfway due to discomfort. If you use plenty of lube to get things started, you won’t be distracted during intercourse, and you’ll be able to focus on enjoying yourself!


A lot of lubricants double as massage oils, acting as the perfect 2-in-1 product to invest in. If you’re in a relationship, why not start off with a sensual massage during foreplay? This is the perfect way to get you and your partner in the mood – plus, it feels great after a long day at work! Many lubricants can be repurposed as massage oils, and others such as the Durex 2 in 1 Massage Lubricant are created specifically for this purpose, to give you the best of both worlds!


While condoms are typically pre-lubricated, they can dry out during intercourse, increasing the risk of them breaking or snapping during sex. Applying extra lubricant to the condom will help prevent friction and keep your condom intact, to ensure safe sex at all times.

You can also put a few drops of lube inside the condom before your partner puts it on, to increase pleasure and add a new sensation for him!

If you’ve never felt the need for lube, you should definitely give it a go, as you’ll likely be surprised by the amount of benefits it has! Even if you don’t need extra lubrication, lube can add new and exciting sensations. Wetter is better, and with dozens of affordable and budget-friendly options, why not?


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