Adding A Splash Of Colour To Your Tot’s Room

If your little one’s room is lacking a bit of style, adding a splash of colour can freshen it up.

Painting an entire room is a big job, especially when kids outgrow the room or the colour in no time at all. But by adding splashes of colour you can easily update the decor in your tot’s room. Explore these ideas for a bedroom makeover.

Make a wall a feature

The obvious way to add colour is to break out the paint brush and get to work on those walls. While one colour all over the room is simple, you could choose to paint just one wall as a feature (less paint is good for the budget).

Alternatively, add some interest and a bit of unique styling with painted panelling.

Colour plus

Adding a colour feature is an effective way to create a unique style in a bedroom while keeping the style predominantly neutral.

There’s no need to stick to straight lines – an angled colour change across a wall can look very effective and geometric patterns are cool for kids rooms. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, create your own mural.

When you simply can’t choose a colour!

This is a neat idea from Resene to create a unique mobile for your child’s room, whether you’re still in the process of choosing a colour, or you simply want a unique decorative item!

“Simply order A4 drawdown paint swatches in your favourite Resene colours, cut them into organic shapes, punch a hole and string them up – voila!”

Colourful and practical

Storage is so essential in a kids room but it doesn’t have to be boring. Think out of the box (geddit?) by upcycling storage like old toy boxes.

This stack of beautiful suitcases is ideal for storing clothes or toys.

Over the top

Ceilings don’t have to be white. Painting the ceiling of your little one’s room can add colour to a neutral palette and after all, whilst they’re little, they’re going to spend quite a bit of time staring straight up!


Bedcovers, pillows, baskets, picture frames, and painted furniture can all bring in splashes of colour to add warmth and interest to a room.

Try not to go too crazy with the colours – choose from a similar colour palette to create a calming aura. In this image the pretty pink polka dot paint on the walls is complimented by the sorbet orange and mustard yellow colours of the accessories.

Create your own splash

Testpots are an easy way to find that perfect shade of … whatever you choose! Here, candy colours pop off of the black background of a simple art design.

Canvas is available from craft retailers for you to easily create your own masterpiece.

Easy art

If you’re artistically challenged, choose a colourful print and pop it in a frame for instant style. Baby animals are always a hit with tots. Alternatively, use a print of a favourite family photo with plenty of colour like a beach scene or bush walk.

Paper fans, bunting, wall hangings, and dreamcatchers can be bought or homemade to add some easy personal style.

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