The world waits for NZ’s First Baby

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Is it here yet? It’s the day’s biggest news story and it’s making headlines around the world too. Before dawn this morning, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her partner Clarke Gayford, made their way to Auckland Hospital as labour began. The press have gathered, the media are on baby watch and the country waits. Of course, with the first stage of labour usually lasting around 12 hours for a first baby, we could all be in for a rather long wait!

This doesn’t happen often

In fact, only once before in modern history has a female leader given birth whilst in power. Benazir Bhutto, gave birth to a daughter whilst Prime Minster of Pakistan in 1990. So it’s no surprise that the world is waiting to see how New Zealand’s leader will approach the almost unique position of being in charge of a country and yet at the beck and call of a newborn baby. Reports are that Jacinda was still texting parliament staff during the early hours of her labour … multi-tasking already!

While we wait …

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