33 recipes to make the most of citrus

When it comes to cooking and baking with citrus, we really are spoilt for choice. Often a squeeze of lime, a wedge of lemon or a bit of orange zest can make all the difference to a dish.  Here are 36 juicy citrus recipes to make your tongue tingle.



Something savoury …

1. Baked salmon with orange and ginger

Healthy, delicious AND nutritious. The fresh flavours of this baked salmon dish will delight all your senses.

2. Sausages with orange glaze

This citrus orange glaze is the perfect accompaniment to pork sausages. Reminiscent of traditional glazed Christmas ham.

3. Zucchini, tuna, orange and rice salad

For those nights you just don’t feel like cooking, you can knock this amazing salad together in a hurry!

4. Orange, lime and garlic marinade for chicken

This is the perfect marinade for any cut of chicken. The citrus tenderises the meat – it would be perfect for a butterflied chicken on the BBQ.

And now for dessert …

5. Chocolate orange friands

This sweet treat is a marriage made in heaven. How can you possibly resist this choc-orange combo?

6. Orange-scented creme caramel with pistachio praline

Yes it’s old school but it is one of the greatest and most delicious desserts of all time – it’s also one of the easiest.

7. Orange cake with orange icing

Moist, light and just bursting with orangey goodness. That’s afternoon tea taken care of!

8. Creamy Orange popsicles

Sink your teeth into these smooth tasty popsicles – perfect for a hot summer afternoon treat.

9. Orange marmalade

This recipe is proof that homemade is always tastier than shop-bought. Just wow!

10. Fresh orange and yoghurt trifles

Want to spoil the family? Try this dessert for guaranteed smiles all round.

11. Orange poppyseed muffins

Not too sweet, but utterly satisfying. Pop these in the kids’ lunch boxes for a yummy school recess treat.


Something savoury …

12. Prawn and lemon risotto

Looking for a dish that is ‘dinner party fabulous’? Well, you just found it! Sit back and watch your guests lick their lips.

13. Lemon and marjoram roast chicken

Put this recipe in your family dinner repertoire, serve with salad and tortillas and the kids will think you’re an absolute genius!

14. Garlic lemon rosemary lamb fillet

Love a good old-fashioned roast? Why not give this zingy citrus version a go – it’s a guaranteed family hit.

15. Lemon calamari salad

This salad is soft, crunchy, zingy and is cooked in two minutes. Now that’s a salad worth making.

16. Lemon herb chicken burger

A lemony herb-rubbed chicken breast patty sandwiched between a toasted burger bun … I bet you can almost taste it now.

17. Green beans with lemon and crunchy almonds

This side dish will add a welcome zesty flavour to any main meal. So good, you can eat it on it’s own.

18. Lemon, coriander and green olive hummus

This mouth-watering dip is delish served with veggie sticks or crackers. Get ready for a snack that is packed full of flavour.

19. Chinese lemon chicken

Make your own takeaways at home with this easy-peasy Chinese dinner dish. Sweet, tangy and 100 percent kid-friendly.

And now for dessert …

20. Lemon meringue pie

This is a deliciously sweet dessert with plenty of wow factor. Homemade pastry, gooey lemon curd and fluffy meringue – Yum!

21. Lemon cheesecake slice

Step away from the oven! This no-bake creamy cheesecake is the ideal thing to have for afternoon tea.

22. Easy lemon sour cream cake

This cake is perfect for afternoon tea anytime of the year. It has a real zingy, retro feel. Delish.

23. Lemon lamingtons

For a new twist on a family fave, you can’t go past these spongy cubes of yum. Make mine a double!


Something savoury …

24. Chilli, lime and coriander prawns

Pop these babies on a skewer and serve them at your next grown-up gathering. They are truly finger-lickin’-good.

25. Thai turkey salad with lime and passionfruit dressing

In the mood to try something new? Why not give this fabulously fresh dish a go – the taste might just surprise you.

26. Chicken, lime and avocado tortillas

This healthy Mexican-inspired recipe is just as much fun to make as it is to eat. Try it tonight.

27. Lime and roasted garlic aioli

This aioli is the perfect accompaniment for any seafood dish. It will impress your guests at your next dinner party.

And now for dessert …

28. Mango and lime sorbet

The perfect end to a delicious meal is this lovely refreshing pud. Refreshing and super zesty.

29. Lime and raspberry friands

These little baked bites will be popular with every member of your family. They score top marks for beautifully balanced flavours.

30. Lime coconut cake

Expect every last piece of this moist and fluffy coconut cake (complete with zesty lime icing), to be demolished within seconds!



Something savoury …

31. Duck and mandarin salad

If ever you were looking for a ‘celebration salad’, then this is it! Gorgeous flavours that are just that little bit exotic.

And now for dessert …

32. Flourless mandarin cake

This little twist on a traditional orange cake will leave you absolutely convinced that you need another piece!

33. Mandarin mousse

Promising bucket-loads of flavour, this creamy treat is a little bit naughty, but oh, so very nice.

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