Age to start:

Children can begin to participate in basketball through Mini Ball, a game designed for children as young as five to learn basic skills and enjoy basketball in a fun and safe environment. The program is targeted towards children of primary school age.

Age groups at most local domestic clubs start at the under 8 level. Children as young as six can begin playing competitive basketball in a team environment.

Rules of the game:

The basic rules of basketball are;

  • Each team has five players on the court at each time with substitutes waiting on the bench.
  • The object of the game is to shoot the ball through the basket and outscore the opposing team. A regular field goal is worth two points, with a foul shot being awarded one point and a three-pointer being worth three points.
  • Basketball is a non-contact sport so opposing players must defend their basket without making contact with an opposition player. Defenders must steal the ball or pressure opponents into missing their field goal attempt so as to rebound the ball and gain possession.


Basketball is suitable for boys and girls. Mini Ball is a great way to become involved in the sport. The program introduces children to some basic principles of basketball in a fun, safe and non-competitive environment.

Basketball can be played by children of all different sizes and ability. Whilst it may be beneficial to be tall it is certainly not a requirement.

Basketball is a non-contact sport so the risk of serious injury is low.


Sign up dates:

Basketball is a sport that is played year round so sign up dates are before the start of either the winter or summer seasons. The winter season commences in March/April and concludes in September/October. The summer season commences immediately after the winter season finishes and concludes with finals in March. Clubs will have a registration day prior to the commencement of each season.

If a season has started it is suggested you contact your local club to enquire as to whether there are any places left in teams. Often a club will have a vacancy in a team for your child.

Sporting tips:

To successfully play basketball you should;

  • Be physically fit
  • Have excellent agility
  • Have good ball skills, in particular passing and catching
  • Be able to work well in a team environment

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