Chicken and pumpkin casserole

This recipe is so tasty that I want to make it again and again. The apple cider vinegar combined with the taragon and chicken is a really delicious combination. Golden chunks of pumpkin swim in its self-made gravy and it's a perfect meal served with some steamed green beans.

Real meat pies

Next time you make a beef casserole, be sure to double up the quantities so you'll have some leftovers to make these delicious little pies. Everyone will love them and you'll feel great knowing exactly what's in the filling.

Italian chicken casserole

Plump for Italian tonight with this tasty one-pot dinner. Tender chicken breasts cooked with veggies and rice make this an easy meal that's a hit with kids and adults alike. Serve with crusty bread to mop up the delectable juices.

Balsamic lamb casserole recipe

A perfect recipe for a family meal or special enough for entertaining, this casserole is great for busy mums as it pretty much looks after itself once it's in the slow cooker. The balsamic vinegar bubbles down to give a soft, luscious flavour to the lamb. Yum!