Pinch a pony

Pinch a pony is a wonderful learning game for your toddler to practice picking up small items. By encouraging the pincer and movement of picking up things between their thumb and first finger, toddlers develop their fine motor skills which allow them to write and pick up fine objects.

Go fish

Go fish is a great kids activity and learning game about numbers, patterns and pairs. Enjoy this fun, easy card game with the whole family and watch as your children learn as they play.

Birds fly

A game that children will enjoy as they use their listening and concentrating skills. Even the adults can join in this game!

Follow me

This game will have kids guessing all kinds of animals as you act out their sounds and movements while the kids follow you and copy every move you make in order to guess the right animal.

Word scramble game

Word scramble game is one of the fun word search games for kids to play at your next cool kids party. So grab a pen and paper and get your mind in gear for some engaging party fun today.

Tug of war

Line the kids up and let the craziness start as they compete to be the strongest side. Tug of war is a classic birthday party game and a great kids activity to keep children active and laughing.

Up or down maths

Maths can be a troubling subject to grasp but by turning it into fun for kids, maths can become easy to learn! Up or down maths gives kids a 50/50 chance of getting the numbers correct. Call out numbers for fast paced action.

Snowplow nose plow

Snowplow nose plow is a terrifically fun kids party game as your little ones compete to fill their bowls with their opponents cotton buds. This is an easy and delightful party game that is simple to play and endlessly fun to watch!

I spy

I spy is a fun kids car game, and works fabulously as a bad-weather boredom buster. Keep the kids entertained and their minds active during long or short journeys with this timeless family fun.

Build a tunnel cubby

You do not need to buy expensive play equipment to improve your childs gross motor skills. Set them the challenge of building tunnels and cubby houses out of the furniture. A tunnel cubby provides hours of imaginative play.

Buzz game

Get your kids thinking as they have fun with this great kids game! This fast-paced activity challenges kids to practice their concentration and knowledge of numbers, all while have a lot of fun.

Whistling Game

This whistle game is a real cracker - literally. All you need is some dry crackers and a lot of laughter and your littlies will have a ball! Play the whistle game to win yourself a few quiet minutes!

Who am I?

Get their minds active with a great party game of who am I? This classic kids activity can be played as a birthday party game or as a weekend boredom buster any time of the day, indoors or outside.

Maths bingo

Every kid loves bingo and what better way to play than to be learning your maths too! The beauty is you can adapt the sums to suit the age level and ability of the kids.

Piggy in the middle

This is a great game for the kids to play outside and burn off some extra energy. You can play it with as many people as you like, as long as they can catch the ball and keep it off piggy in the middle.

Trail’s end

This game provides an easy and fun diversion for young children. They will love following the toilet paper around the house going over and under objects looking for the prize at the end of the roll.

Musical sets

Children will enjoy playing this game as they skip about the room, trying to form the number called out before they get left out. Who will win?