Cone witch

Make these scary Cone witches to add some Halloween flair to your house or verandah. The best thing about this project is even the little kids can get crafty and decorate the cones to make them extra-spooky!

Halloween grass stencils

So for Halloween you can dress up the windows, the front of the house, the kids and your pumpkins. Wondering if theres anything left? Well, yes, yes there is: your grass. Scare off (or welcome in!) those trick or treaters with these so-simple, and temporary, grass stencils.

Awesome Halloween bag

Get ready for a bumper crop of lolly collection this Halloween with these personal Halloween pillowcase bags! There;s enough room for every lolly and chocky bar on the street with this creative art and craft project. Just make sure there are not any holes in the bottom!

Paper plate skeleton

Making a skeleton is not only a fun Halloween activity, but it's also a great way to figure out how our skeleton actually goes together.  This paper plate skeleton is so easy and will make your front door extra spooky for Halloween this year.

Spooky soda can bat

Looking for a great project to keep the kids busy these holidays? This easy kids' craft project is fun to do and will have the kids concentrating and having fun for a few hours. The spooky soda can bat activity can be adapted for various holidays and characters.

Stained glass pumpkin

Halloween is bright and sunny so celebrate it in style by adding these fantastic window decorations to the front of house. Kids love seeing their art work displayed so show the whole neighbourhood their brilliance.