Jack-o’-lantern bookmark

These cute Jack-o'-lantern bookmarks are a great Halloween decoration for your kids' school pencil cases, lunch boxes or lolly bowls. Have your little ones place their bookmarks in their bowl of lollies, or use it to add a colourful mark for their reading books.

Haunted house lantern

This cool haunted house lantern craft activity is also a great Halloween decoration idea. There are two versions below: one where Mum will have to help because it involves using a craft knife and one kids can do themselves.

Shrunken apple heads

Halloween means it is time to make some spooky, scary arts and crafts and this project is right on target for some creeptastic fun. Your kids will enjoy making these pencil toppers and can even use them as decoration for their school rooms or desks!

Wicked witch candle jars

These spooky Halloween witches candle jars will make your home look perfect for any spooky visitors making their way to your door on Halloween night. They are fun and easy to make, so get crafting with your kids this holiday season.

Balloon ghosts

Get your ghoul on with these fabulous festive balloon ghosts. Add some spooky style to your verandah or table as your kids get crafty with this fun Halloween papier mache craft activity.

Ghost spoon puppet

This festive Halloween ghost spoon puppet will be a fun addition to your Halloween display. Stage a fabulously ghoulish ghost play this holiday with your kids and watch as they enjoy their imaginative play.

Paper bag monsters

Make your own gang of ghoulishly magnificent monster lunch bags to put on your verandah or doorstep and bring some Halloween smiles to your kids; faces. Your visitors will be impressed with these simple and fun decorations so get crafting today.

Handprint spider

Halloween is all about spooky and scary - right? There is not a lot more scary than spiders as a gift! Help kids print these spiders on card fronts to hand out to family and friends over the Halloween season.

Bucket of eyeballs

Collect your lollies or display your goodies in this monster-friendly eyeballs bucket that will impress even the scariest visitor this Halloween. It's easy to make and even the little kids can help out with fun decorating.  You can use our FREE printable template for the eyeballs!