Fairy Scones

These delicious Fairy scones are a perfect remedy to the old idea of taking a plate. They are already filled with jam and cream so there is no need to take along extra bowls and spoons.

Potato scones

A variation on the traditional recipe, these scones made with potatoes are a delicious savoury treat. Best eaten warm with lashings of butter.

Buttermilk scones

Your kids will love getting their hands right into the flour to rub in the butter. Only a little bit of kneading required and then all the fun of cutting out the scones!

Cheesey scones

These are delicious straight from the oven while they are hot and smear with more lashings of butter. Cut them in half and stuff with ham and tomato then reheat under the grill.

Sultana scones

Allowing these scones to just touch while cooking will keep them moist and help them to rise in the oven. The secret to this recipe is the resting time. If you skip this step you'll be making rock cakes rather than scones.

Easy pumpkin scones

If you have some leftover pumpkin then you are halfway to having a delicious batch of these Easy pumpkin scones. Just don't tell the kids that you have sneaked veggies into their favourite scones.

Quick scones

These quick scones are just like Nana used to make! A splash of lemonade and a dollop of cream in the mix and you've got a soft, easy to knead dough that will be in and out of the oven before you can say, butter and jam!

Choc chip scones

These delicious choc chip scones are perfect for an afternoon treat and sometimes I pop them into the oven when my kids go to bed so they can have them fresh in their lunch boxes the next day.