Heart angel

What you need

  • Cardboard. The same or contrasting colours.
  • Ribbon

How to do it

  • Cut out the heart & head shapes using the templates as a guide.
  • Take the large heart and turn upside down.
  • Take the two smaller hearts and face pointy bits towards each other for wings.
  • Tape wings to body.
  • Use the circle cardboard for the head and tape to the wings.
  • Turn the Angel over.
  • Punch small hole in head and thread ribbon for hanging.
  • Draw on eyes, nose and mouth.


  • To make the Angel into a finger puppet, make a small ring of cardboard that will fit over your finger and tape it to the back of the Angel.
  • Shiny cardboard works well but is sometimes hard to tape, so glue/PVA may be needed.

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