Santa Serviettes

What you need

  • White cardboard – for beard and moustache
  • Pink cardboard – for face
  • Red cardboard – for nose
  • Goggle eyes – for eyes(!)
  • Red Serviette – for hat

How to do it

  • Using the white cardboard, cut out template to make Santa’s beard and moustache.
  • Using the pink cardboard, cut out the template to make Santa’s face.
  • Tape the pink cardboard over the “hole” in Santa’s beard.
  • Fold back the “tabs” on Santa’s beard and tape down.
  • Using the red cardboard, cut out a nose for Santa – about the size of a 5c coin.
  • Turn decoration over and glue Santa’s moustache, eyes and nose in place.
  • Fold the red serviette to make a “kite” shape.
  • Insert the serviette behind Santa’s beard and through the loop made by the tabs – with the narrow, pointy end up. (Leave enough serviette hanging out from the beard to “suggest” Santa’s red coat).



  • The same pattern can be used to make Leprechauns for St Patrick’s Day – just use orange cardboard for the beard and a green serviette.
  • To make a gnome, use black cardboard for the beard and any colour serviette for the hat!

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