Halloween party decoration: Witch’s black cat wall hanging

Halloween party decoration: Witch’s black cat wall hanging

Halloween is a great time for all sorts of fun crafts! Make them to host a spooky party or just to decorate the house for Halloween. These black cats are sure to scare the pants off any superstitious guests!  

What you need:

  • A1 black cardboard
  • gold and red foil cardboard
  • black satin ribbon
  • scissors
  • grey pencil
  • ruler
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue gun sticks

Number of players:


Step 1. Cut the black A1 cardboard lenghtways so that it's 15cm in width. "Fan" two of the 15cm-width pieces with thin folds all the way across the sheet. With the remaining black cardboard, cut out a circle about 10cm in diameter, 2 x triangles for ears and 6 strips for whiskers.

Step 2. Join the two pieces of fanned card to create a circle and glue into place.

Step 3. Flatten it down and glue the 10cm circle in the centre. Also on this same side, add the whiskers and the ears.

Step 4. Flip the cat over and glue eyes, nose, mouth and red to the ears.

Step 5. Using scissors, snip a small hole in the middle of the cats head right at the top. Thread your ribbon through and you have a hanging cat decoration ready for Halloween spooking!

For each cat decoration, you'll need 2 x 15cm strips of black card to begin.

Crafted by Riot.

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