Poetry: Autumn friends

Poetry: Autumn friends

Poetry is fun and can be educational too! Kids love pointing out the rhyming words and trying to think of more. Create some rainy day fun with this autumn poem not only by reading it, but by printing it out and making some leafy cards to celebrate the season too.

What you need:

  • computer with internet access

If you choose to print and decorate:

  • printer
  • paper
  • coloured pencils or markers

Number of players:


There are many things you can do with this autumn poem. Have a chat about the different seasons. What do they think of when they hear the word autumn? What sounds, smells and colours do they associate with this time of year? You can also print this poem out and get the kids to decorate the page with fallen leaves!

Autumn friends

Changing colours of the leaves,
Yellow, orange, brown,
Pretty scenes of autumn trees,
All about my town.
Swirling, twirling this way and that,
Rustling on the ground,
One by one, falling gently,
For me to kick around.
Here are my friends – come one, come all,
We meet at the park to play,
Pull out the kites and thank the season,
For this windy autumn day.

Print this poem.


  • Go for a walk to the park and collect some leaves. Make a card for friends or family with your collection.

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