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Welcome to our Young Readers Corner, a place for you to find fun books for kids aged 5 – 13 years old.

Join us each month as we travel to magical lands, become outlaws, go on wild adventures, meet curious characters and work to grow our imagination.

We’ll be featuring real reviews from Kiwi kids telling us what they’re reading and why your kids might love it too. Plus, you can enter to win new books each month!

New reads

Curious creatures, far off lands and the ultimate adventure await kids who read our latest must-read books. See what these Kiwi kids have to say about these hero books of the month.

The Secrets of Cricket Carlsson

The Secrets of Cricket Karlsson | Kids Book Review

Winner of the prestigious Swedish August Prize 2020, The Secrets of Cricket Karlsson by Kristina Sigunsdotter is a bright, contemporary and ...
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Kids Book Review - Rise of the school for good and evil

Rise Of The School For Good And Evil | Kids Book Review

The battle between Good and Evil begins in "Rise of the School for Good and Evil". Go back in time ...
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Kids Book Review - Remarkably Ruby

Remarkably Ruby by Terri Libenson | Kids Book Review

From bestselling author Terri Libenson, Remarkably Ruby is a story about how there’s more to everyone than meets the eye ...
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Our kids are reading…

Remarkably Ruby

Remarkably Ruby is a story about how there’s more to everyone than meets the eye. Ruby and Mia are total opposites. Ruby is a little awkward, not a “joiner,” and loves to write poetry. While Mia is type A, popular(ish), and wants to be class prez.

They used to be friends. But now they have nothing in common anymore … Or do they?

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Kids review

Missed one of our earlier reviews? Don’t worry, you can still check them out below and see what kind of adventures await your own young reader.


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