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Besties Work It Out is a fun and fresh graphic novel series spin-off of the New York Times bestselling ‘Click’ series, featuring aspiring entrepreneurs Beth and Chanda!

When the girls land a lucrative dogsitting gig, they’re sure that fame, fortune and popularity can’t be far behind, but nothing can prepare them for the mishap that throws their business plan – and friendship – into chaos!

Beth and Chanda are two stylish best friends on their way to building their fashion empire! An unexpected business opportunity presents itself when the girls are asked to dogsit at Ms Langford’s luxurious house while she’s away, but it quickly turns into a disaster after an accident leaves one of Ms Langford’s prized possessions in pieces! Now Beth and Chanda have to take on as many odd jobs as they can in order to afford a replacement. Car washing, book sales, interior decorating – you name it, Beth and Chanda are there! Will they be able to patch up their mistake in time?

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Book review from Ihaia, 9

Besties Work it Out is the first graphic novel in the series by Kayla Miller and Jeffrey Canino.

This story is about two besties called Beth and Chanda who are trying to find ways to earn money. They get asked to look after Ms. Langford’s house while she is away. There is a big list of things to do. After an accident, they need to make even more money, and FAST! They make some posters that say ‘Busy Beth and Chanda’ and people in the neighbourhood start hiring them for all sorts of jobs. Will they make enough money in time?

I would give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Besties Work It Out by Kayla Miller book review

This book started hooking me deeper as I started reading it because I wanted to see what happened next on every page. I really like the graphic novel style so I would recommend it to anyone else who likes graphic novels too.

Book review from Zara, 12

This book is based on two sixth graders, Beth and Chanda. Chanda wants her parents to see that she is responsible enough to look after a pet and Beth wants her hard working mum to have a well earned spa day to have a few hours off her feet.

But they run into a problem: how will they pay for Beth’s mum’s spa day and possibly Chanda’s new pet, so they decide to set up a lemonade stand where you can have different coloured lemonades for 75 cents. When they only get seven customers, things start to look down on them unless a family member might come to the rescue. Through their adventures they learn how to dogsit, get back together after an argument plus learn how to be truthful and face the consequences.

Besties Work It Out by Kayla Miller book review

My note to the authors:

I would like to see a little comic section of the process Chanda had to go through after her parents said she could get a cat and how she got what she needed for Countess Pawsbury.

I really enjoyed reading this book and would like to read books like this again.

Book review from Abigail, 9

Besties Work It Out is about two very good friends called Beth and Chanda who both want to achieve a goal … Beth wants to treat her mum to a spa visit for her birthday and Chanda wants a cat. Together they decide to earn some money while dog sitting but they run into some trouble. This puts their friendship at risk but in time they work it out cos that’s what besties are supposed to do.

Besties Work It Out by Kayla Miller book review

Book review from Dani, aged 11

I really like Kayla Miller’s books. This was another good story about a couple of best friends who are ready to work hard for what they want but even when you’re trying hard to be responsible you might end up making more mess for yourself! But it’s ok because you can figure it out when you work in a team.

Besties Work It Out by Kayla Miller book review

Book review from Eva, 10

I really liked this book because I quite like Kayla Miller’s books, as this is one of them.

Besties Work It Out is about two best friends that have a house sitting job that they have never tried before. As they have never done this before, they make some mistakes. First they invite friends over to the house that they’re looking after, then they accidentally smash a very expensive piece of furniture. So to save up for another one they do some jobs around the neighbourhood.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 stars

Besties Work It Out by Kayla Miller book review
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