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A delightful illustrated story about our place in the Universe with a billion star rating. From glittering galaxies, to jam packed city streets, from under the sea to the Milky Way this stunning picture book takes you on a tour around the Universe.

The boys had been fighting with sticks which of course ended in tears, so the sticks were confiscated and the boys were plonked on the couch to be read a book. Hardly the most peaceful setting to begin our read but by the end of it, or by page 2, peace had enveloped the room and two boys were riveted.

I Am the Universe

The colourful illustrations pop from every page of this gorgeous book about the Universe, our solar system, Earth and the abundant life upon it. Capturing the kids attention and keeping it held from beginning to end, the boys were spell bound by every page and delighted in discovering things they didn’t know and excitedly pointing out all the things they did recognise, from Saturn to sea horses, crescent moons to flowing lava, space stations to the fiery sun!

The book travels from the universe, to our galaxy, to our solar system onto our planet, Earth. We discover the Earth’s atmosphere and all the spheres within it. We visit the land and under the sea, the country, the city and the neighbourhood. All full to the brim with life and lively illustrations.

I Am the Universe

I Am the Universe is a simple read created specially for children aged three years and up by the award-winning author-illustrator Vasanti Unka. My 3 year old was certainly smitten and one of my sweetest discoveries was to watch my 6 year old deciding to tutor his baby brother about all the things they could fine in the book. “What’s this Sailor?” asked River pointing at planet Mercury. “A little rock” replied Sailor. “No, it’s Mercury”. “What’s this?” continued River pointing at Venus. “A bigger rock” answered Sailor. Well he’s not wrong is he? How cute are these answers! He continued calling each planet “a bigger rock” or “big rock” or “spinning rock” but Earth he knew, he knew it was called “Earthshake”. Imagine how cute the universe would be if we had let kids name things! River continued to tell Sailor “Earth, you live here.”

I Am the Universe

I am the Universe is a delightful and engaging book, with simple explanations about our universe and the wonderful planet, where we live. The bright and brilliant illustrations fired up my kids imaginations and they truly enjoyed making discoveries on every page. Showing each other, and mum, all the things they recognised, and listening intently to hear about things they didn’t. A fun, easy and enchanting read we’ll no doubt be reading before bed again and again!

Ronnie Swainston
Written by Ronnie Swainston

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