What To Pack For A Road Trip With Children

Before you set out on a family road trip comes the packing! There is a range of situations and challenges that can present themselves during the car trip, but with good preparation you can limit any inconvenience.

We have put together a list of things you can consider packing for a family road trip to help make sure the memories that stand out are the good ones.

1. Waterproof bags

Tuck some different-sized waterproof bags (resealable plastic or reusable) in the glovebox to pop wet or soiled clothes in.

2. Wipes and an old towel

Wipes are essential for small clean-up jobs while having something larger on hand like an old towel for a major clean up can also come in handy.

3. Comfy and safe child car seats

Ensuring the children are comfy and safe is essential for a car trip. While under New Zealand law all children under seven years must use a child restraint appropriate to their size, age and development, it may be that a child older than seven will be safer and more comfortable in a car seat. It is recommended that children under two years old stay in a rear-facing restraint.

Ensure the car seat fits your child – check the manufacturer’s recommended weight or height restrictions for that model of child restraint and also check the expiry date. Have a good look at the restraint and ensure there is no wear and tear on any of the straps.

If the car seat has been involved in a minor accident, ie the vehicle was able to be driven, the door nearest the car seat was not damaged, no passengers sustained injuries, air bags did not deploy, and there is no visible damage to the car seat, you probably do not need to replace the seat. If any of these outcomes did occur in the accident, you should replace the car seat.

4. A change of clothes

Have a complete change of clothes for each person packed in a separate, easily accessed bag.

5. Bottle warmer

If you have a child reliant on a bottle, invest in a USB-powered bottle warmer for heating on the move.

6. Tyre-changing / breakdown kit

Other than your tyre-changing kit, other items that are useful for dealing with a flat tyre or a breakdown include two reflective warning triangles, a reflective jacket, a torch, and a small tarpaulin. You might like to include a can of tyre inflator and sealant.

7. Emergency kit

It’s a good idea to prepare for an accident, a breakdown, or a road closure so check you have a small tool kit, a first-aid kit, warm clothes, and a blanket. You might like to include a hammer product that can break glass as well as cut seatbelts in case of an accident.

8. Snacks plus a surprise

Ensure you have a sealing water bottle for each person and some handy snacks that are easily opened by small fingers. Hide away a surprise treat for when the kids get restless.

9. Pillow and blankets

If you are hoping your children will sleep, consider popping in a small pillow and snuggly blanket.

10. Backpacks

Have a small bag for each child where their books, car games and other bits and bobs can be safely stored.

11. Picnic blanket

Perfect for rest area stops.

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