Why Not Roadschool These School Holidays?

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What’s roadschooling? It’s when you bring travel and education together to give the kids a fun experience that their learning will benefit from.

You don’t need to take an entire year off from your life and travel the world to experience the benefits of roadschooling. Just combine a few places of interest in your next road trip or getaway and you will be amazed how an actual experience can help kids to retain knowledge better, give them new interests, and expand their language and storytelling skills.

Click on the image below to download or print off our guide to the best places to visit around New Zealand for expanding your child’s learning.

Roadschool activities

Save these school holidays

If you’re planning on seeking out a few learning experiences, why not take a few days off and make a roadie of it in a campervan?

Save these school holidays

With the April school holidays on the horizon, there’s no better time to pack up the kids, the bikes and the dog, and hit the road on your own campervan family holiday.

Having been around for over 30 years, Britz Campervans know what it takes to support Kiwi families with having an unforgettable holiday.

Until the end of April 2021, you can save a massive 15% on Britz Campervan hires, using their promo code 150FF.

There is limited availability so be sure to get in quick so that you don’t miss your opportunity to do something new with your family these school holidays.

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