Munchable movie snacks

Family movie night is a great way to get the whole family together and relax at the end of the working week. Find a great movie, gather your loved ones but wait a minute, where are the snacks? You’re going to need supplies my friend and sometimes a bowl of popcorn just won’t cut it!

Super hungry?

If the family’s really hungry you will need something substantial. Nachos with gooey melted cheese is a popular choice. Toasted sandwiches will be a winner and soup with bread is a great winter warmer. Or why not try to make a stir fry and serve it in noodle boxes with disposable chopsticks and don’t forget the home made pizza. The tummy fillers will leave them happy and satisfied.

Sweet savers

The candy bar at your house can be just like the one at the cinema. Make your own choc tops ahead of time by scooping ice cream into sugar cones and dipping in homemade ice magic. Package some honey popcorn in little paper bags and pop them in a basket ready for interval. Get the fixings ready for hot chocolate and throw in some big marshmallows. You can pack disposable cups with mixed lollies (don’t forget the Jaffas) and buy some cans of drink and a packet of straws so the cleanup is easy on you.

Savoury snacks

Some people just don’t have that sweet tooth and they love a savoury or spicy snack for the movies. Make your own crunchy potato chips at home and give them a generous shake of sea salt and balsamic vinegar. Grab a bag of mixed nuts, sprinkle them with Cajun seasoning and roast them in the oven for 10 minutes. A nice cheese plate will serve the more discerning palate and it’s a great match with a glass of wine for Mum and Dad (hello it is Friday night isn’t it?)

Healthy eats

If the order of the day is healthy snacks, you can make special berry smoothies, have air popped popcorn, fruit kebabs and pack a tasty low-fat chicken salad into noodle boxes too. A cute little plate of vegies and individual dipping cups will have the kids sitting still for a while.

Movie night is a great time for your family to relax. With a little planning you can have them looking forward to this special night every week. Family, food and friends all equals fun!


Movie snacks are all about relaxing. Shared platters tend to have people bobbing up and down all the way through the movie, so opt for single serves instead. Movie night is a great night to get the disposable plates and cutlery out so Mum can just scoop it all up into a garbage bag and the washing up is done.

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