Simple starters that look fancy but take two minutes

Used up all your cooking prowess, time and effort on the mains and dessert, leaving you with nothing left to give in the entrée department? Relax, these 10 starters couldn’t be simpler, but look like you’ve slaved away on them.

1. Prosciutto and melon

A classic flavour combination, refreshing and light, and a cinch to make. What’s not to love?

2. Hummus

A healthy and eternally popular dip that couldn’t be easier to make yourself … chopping up the carrot sticks to serve with it will be the most time-consuming part of this dish!

3. Easy chicken and mango salad

Already ultra-quick and easy to prepare, this fresh tasty starter can be made even simpler courtesy of a store-bought chook. Go ahead, we won’t tell …

4. Fried halloumi

It’s almost criminal that something this delish is so simple to make. Ahh, it’s good to live on the edge.

5. Tomato and ginger soup

Crazy quick but really-rather-yum soup that is also great for the immune system … bonus!

6. Prawn cocktail

It’s time to revive the prawn cocktail folks! The succulent prawn brought to life with the zesty sauce and a nice healthy side of lettuce, how on earth did we ever let it become unfashionable?

7. Calamari fritti

Say it in your best Italian accent and you’ll sound like quite the chef (or maybe a pretentious git). Either way, people will think you’ve gone to lots of effort when really you haven’t, mwahahah!

8. Goats cheese toasts

Make the toasts beforehand, and you can literally whack these tasty babies together while chatting to your guests. (Although then they’ll see just how easy they are to make … Hmm, decisions!)

9. Oysters natural with Thai dressing

Let the oysters do all the legwork for you, while you hastily whip up a divine dressing that brings out their divine flavour even more.

10. Lemon garlic prawns

When it comes to quickie entrées, prawns are the gift that keeps on giving. And here they are with their perfect wingmen; lemon and garlic.

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