Spider’s web game

Spiders web is a fun Halloween game that also teaches kids teamwork and cooperative skills. No need to look further for ideas for fun kids activities as this great kids party game will keep your kids busy laughing as they learn!

Witches stew game

Pucker up for this fun and entertaining Halloween game. Play with everyone in the family as each player grabs a straw and takes a deep breath to try and win this fast-paced and hilarious party game.

Mix-and-match witches hat game

Plain black cones are transformed into wicked witches; hats and heads in this fun Halloween craft activity. Play it at your next Halloween party as the kids get into the spirit with this fun game. They are easy to make and can be used year after year so get playing this Halloween.

Pumpkin guessing game

This is a great kids party game to keep everyone laughing during your next Halloween gathering. Its simple and easy to organise and the kids will have a ball trying to guess the weight and size of pumpkins in this game.

Treat fishing

Go treat fishing and catch a pile of Halloween goodies this Halloween season. The kids will be delighted by the treats they catch and most importantly everyone is a winner with this fun activity.