Spicy dhal soup

This hearty, mildly spiced lentil soup is a real winter warmer. It's budget-friendly, delicious and a winner in the nutrition stakes as well.

Chicken korma

For those nights when you'd really prefer not to spend too much time cooking, this chicken and tomato korma is the ideal curry to cook. It really doesn't take long and is delicious with mellow, fresh flavours.

Easy lamb curry

This lamb curry is quick, cheap and easy to make. If you buy the lamb already diced then it becomes even easier to make and you will have a delicious curry dinner ready in 30 minutes.

Lamb curry

Lamb curry is delicious served with basmati rice, yoghurt and chutney. This curry starts with a curry paste you can make yourself, then adds lean lamb and more fragrant indian spices which simmers gently before serving.

Tandoori chicken

You can enjoy the tastes of Indian cooking without having to make a curry with these delicious tandoori-marinated chicken breast pieces. Just cook up a little rice, combine yoghurt and cucumber and you have a very tasty Indian meal that’s super-simple to make

Spicy kedgeree

Kedgeree is a spicy Anglo-Indian dish that was traditionally served for breakfast in the days of Colonial rule in India. Rice, lentils, smoked fish, boiled eggs and spices combine to make a filling and healthy start to the day. Great for lunches too!

Fish curry

This is a speedy fish curry that you can add to your recipe book for those nights when you don't want to pay for takeaway. It will also help you get your three serves of fish per week. Keep some of the vindaloo paste in the pantry and serve this quick curry with rice and raita.

Baby lamb balti pies

These scrummy tasty little pies have a mild Indian lamb taste you can add extra to the grown up ones. You can mix it all into one large casserole dish and have a cottage pie with a twist