Edible apple necklace

Edible apple necklace

Making a necklace has never been tastier. Try threading apples and other fruits for this great edible craft activity for kids. Enjoy craft more when it's edible!

What you need:

  • an apple
  • large needle (like a tapestry needle, long and quite blunt)
  • a long piece of string
  • knife
  • scissors

Number of players:


With the knife cut the apple into segments. If desired, cut segments thinly or in half. The shape is up to your child.

Thread the string through the needle.

Poke a hole through one of the pieces of apple, and pull the needle and thread through.

Repeat this until all of the pieces are threaded onto the string.

Remove the needle and tie the strings ends into a tight knot.

Hang around your child’s neck and eat as a snack.


  • As a safer option you can poke holes through the apples using skewers. Then around the top of the string create a point using tape, so that the string is easy to thread through the holes in the apple pieces.
  • This is a fun way to do afternoon tea.
  • Try firm large strawberries, pieces of carrot or capsicum, firm pears, and large pieces of dried fruit like apricots.


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