All You Need To Know About Writing To Santa This Year

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Along with his Elves and trusty reindeer, Santa is ready and waiting to receive wish lists from Kiwi kids of all ages.

Making it easy

NZ Post and Santa have partnered up to add an extra sprinkle of magic to the festive season and created a special ‘Write to Santa’ website where children can create a letter to Santa for Alex the Postie to deliver to the North Pole.

Children can visit and design their own special letter for Santa. Creating the letter is easy – children can drag and drop their favourite items from fairy lights, to a candy cane and lots more to make their letter to Santa special.

They might need your help to make sure their name and address is correct then press send! Alex the Postie will be sure to deliver it to Santa!

If Santa receives a message by 30 November, he’ll mail back a personalised postcard to say a huge thank you. But don’t worry if you miss the 30 November deadline as he’ll reply to any online letters received between 1 – 23 December by email.

Visit and create a special letter to Santa now.

If your child needs a little inspiration, see what our Kidspot kids are wishing for this year.

Meet River, age 6

River doesn’t take long to learn knew things and he LOVES to learn. When he’s not playing Minecraft, or calling his cousin on Messenger for Kids so they can play Minecraft together, he can be found watching Youtube videos about volcanos, tornados or nuclear fusion at the centre of the sun. Have you seen the meme about Yoda literally dying in the middle of Luke Skywalker asking him questions? River’s mum can relate. He loves going to soccer, baseball, swimming and karate and still has energy to burn! River takes on his big brother role dutifully and loves swimming and hanging out with his little brother Sailor. Playing with cars, riding bikes or scooters, or watching his fave shows River’s a busy boy with aspirations of being a gamer or game maker as soon as possible!

River Junior Reviewer

Favourite reindeer: Rudolph

Favourite thing to do: Swimming and gaming

Christmas Wishlist: A gaming station and BMX!

Meet Starling, age 7

Starling is an arty crafty kind of gal. By her own admission she can draw well and she does, she loves it! She’ll colour in, pencils on paper, or use various creative apps that allow her to design pets, dolls, dresses and animated characters or take fun pics with Snapchat filters that she shares with her cousins on Kids Messenger! Not just keen on the arts Starling is a fish in water and a Karate Kid, she’s working up the levels at swimming and preparing for her yellow belt! Starling also loves to play games, parental approved online games where she can meet the same cousins to play together in this digital world, or the good ‘ol board games they now call “classic”… she’s a Pictionary master, and family game night instigator!

starlingFavourite reindeer: Cupid

Favourite thing to do: Creating characters, taking pics or gaming online and swimming

Christmas Wishlist: SLIME & more apps!

Meet Sailor, age 3

Sailor’s growing quickly but never quickly enough for him! He’s a big boy he says and desperately wants to do all the things his big brother River does. Sailor plays soccer but is not yet big enough for baseball and karate. He gets to go swimming though and loves being in the pool till his fingers and toes wrinkle. Sailor’s a natural born rock star, and handles a ukulele or a frying pan like a guitar god! He’s also a BIG FAN of Star Wars and will act out his faaaavourite scenes, over and over and over again. Playing with dinosaurs, cars, or watching his fave movies and shows or playing Tag with Ryan on his tablet, Sailor knows how to have fun!

Sailor Junior Reviewer

Favourite reindeer: Rudolph

Favourite thing to do: Play with his big brother, River

Christmas Wishlist: Anything Star Wars!

Meet Benjamin, age 7

Benjamin is a wise soul, who battles to make a decision, especially one as important as picking his favourite reindeer. But in some areas, he knows exactly what he wants, and there is no changing his mind….stubborn little guy. When he loves something, he loves it with all his being and becomes all consumed by it. Whether it is fishing, or computer games, or puppies. His younger brother (aged 6) is always chomping at his heels and has no big brother envy for him, so everything is a battle of wills between 2 stubborn, yet sensitive boys.


Favourite reindeer: “Dasher, no all of them, no Prancer….I just can’t decide”

Favourite thing to do: Scrap Mechanic…. building army setups, and rock-climbing

Christmas Wishlist: His own computer and a kayak to go fishing

Meet Aria, age 4

This little lady relishes every aspect of girlyness, and is drawn to anything pink and sparkly. She loves painting her nails and dressing up as Elsa from Frozen (complete with plastic Frozen high heels, much to her father’s dismay!). For her fourth birthday she got a dolls house and can most often be found seated in front of it playing with her little dolls and making up the most wonderful narratives. When she’s not immersed in this imaginative play, she enjoys family days out on the beach or at the local pool – but only if we bring her mermaid Barbie!


Favourite reindeer: Cupid

Favourite thing to do: Dressing up as a princess and baking cookies for a tea party

Christmas Wishlist: A Barbie aeroplane

Meet Riley, age 6

Riley is a sensitive soul. He loves animals, and won’t be witness to any animal being hurt…not even an ant or a cockroach! His attention to detail is phenomenal, and no detail is too small. He is hard on himself in his early years of learning, and craves knowledge. He has to always be right, and in the event that he is not, it’s NEVER his fault. He loves music…and I mean, loves music. He brings new meaning to “dance like no-one is watching” and has more rhythm than his Mum and Dad combined. He truly FEELS the beat.


Favourite reindeer: Blitzen

Favourite thing to do: Playing LEGO

Christmas Wishlist: Star Wars army dog (no idea?) and a LEGO army boat with machine guns at the top of the beach and army people too

This article was written for Kidspot with information supplied by NZPost

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