Introducing The Kidspot Kitchen Meal Kit On Grossr

Kidspot Kitchen has partnered with Kiwi startup Grossr to provide a flexible, family-friendly meal kit through the supermarket.

Sometimes, choosing what to make for dinner and doing the weekly shop can feel like groundhog day: a never-ending chore. All too often, we go back to cooking the same handful of meals over and over again, even once they bore us (and the whole family) to tears!

Meal kits are an option, but for many of us they’re simply too expensive or time-consuming to make – or we’re put off by the plastic packaging, lack of choice, and need to cancel ahead of time. But that doesn’t mean that another trip to the supermarket and an ingredient list for spaghetti bolognese and fish fingers with carrot sticks (again) is the best answer.

Kidspot Kitchen’s new meal kit via

To give you another option and put the joy back into cooking and dinner time, Kidspot Kitchen is excited to announce a partnership with Kiwi startup Grossr. We now have a curated meal plan on the Grossr website – made up of some of our very best Kidspot recipes – which is shoppable as a meal kit through your supermarket’s online shopping.

Every week, subscribers to the Kidspot Kitchen meal plan will be sent 5 easy dinner recipes and one dessert or baking recipe. There’s a mix of vegetarian, meat and fish options; super quick and slow-cooker recipes; Friday treats and healthy, well-balanced meals that everyone will love.

Grossr also has a ‘recipe library’ of other recipe options – extras that you can add to your shop and save as favourites for more variety. Perfect if you want something more sophisticated for yourself or you’re making dinner for friends!

Subscriptions are $4.50 per week or $16 per month ($3.69/wk), and you can use the recipes to shop however and whenever you want. There’s no limit, so you can shop one recipe at a time, or ten! It’s a meal kit that fits into your busy life – not the other way around.


A meal kit through your supermarket, combined with your weekly shop

As well as getting new recipes each week, Grossr makes the weekly shop super easy: instantly turn your chosen recipes into an ingredient checklist on your phone, or shop them in a few clicks through online supermarket shopping to create a “meal kit”.

In one click you can turn your recipe selection into a customisable shopping list, which can be checked off as you walk around the supermarket. If you love the convenience of a meal kit, your ingredient list can be purchased through New World’s online supermarket shopping in just a few minutes, then just choose click and collect or delivery.

“Grossr has so many benefits – it’s seamless to use and combines the convenience of a meal kit with my weekly supermarket top ups!”
– Megan from Wellington

You can also easily remove staples and ingredients you already have at home or that your family doesn’t like, and add everything else you need in your weekly supermarket shop.

“Such a cool concept that works better than I had imagined! The supermarket integration is so good, and it’s brilliant that you can remove your staples.”
– Charlie from Auckland

Currently, Grossr has an integration with New World for “auto-shopping” the meal plans and recipes through online supermarket shopping. They will soon partner with other supermarkets to give people more choice about where they can “auto-shop” the meal plans, but in the meanwhile, the ingredient checklist can be used anywhere!

Affordability as supermarket prices rise

We all know that food is getting painfully pricey; the pinch in our wallets is real. While we can’t control the cost of groceries, families can make their shopping stretch further. With affordable recipes and only buying what you need for the week’s meals, you naturally end up saving money. You tend to buy fewer takeaways when you know what you’re cooking, and you haven’t added lots of unnecessary ingredients to your shop.

Our aim with the Kidspot Kitchen meal plan is to make weekly meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking easy and affordable for families, so that cooking and meals can be about family time – rather than chore time. Together with Grossr, we hope that our curated Kidspot Kitchen meal plan will make your life a little bit easier, while keeping meals interesting, balanced, and delicious!

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Check out the Kidspot meal plan here!

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