Putting Your Kids’ Energy To Good Use

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School holidays are sorted with hundreds of fun experiments for the kids to try

To help Kiwi kids put their energy to good use, Genesis School-gen has partnered with Mind Lab Kids to offer primary school kids throughout New Zealand FREE access from now and over winter to hundreds of online experiments and challenges through the award-winning Mind Lab Kids platform.

Getting kids on their way to some cool activities is as simple as registering at Genesis School-gen.

Genesis has been helping Kiwi kids learn about STEM – that’s science, technology, engineering and maths – for 14 years in schools right across New Zealand, through its School-gen programme. By expanding the programme out of the classroom, they are able to offer young innovators fun and creative challenges they can easily do at home.

Mind Lab Kids has been developed by educators, giving kids access to a safe online space to create, innovate and share their creations. It’s super easy for kids to do. First, they watch the challenge set by the Mind Lab Kids educators, then hunt around the house for the items they need and finally they record themselves completing the challenge and upload to the site.

Enter a challenge and be in to win!

Take on one of the Genesis School-gen Mind Lab Kids Challenges and your child could win some awesome spot prizes, like fun science kits and Genesis School-gen merchandise.

Taking on a challenge

To get a parent’s perspective, Rebecca and her daughter gave the Genesis School-gen Mind Lab Kids Challenges a try-out.

“Myself and my 12 year old daughter loved the bright colours and accessibility of the site. The site gives you the opportunity to create both a parent profile and multiple child profiles meaning everyone has their own access. This was an easy process and we were able to sign up in less than a minute for both of us.

Once we logged in, there were loads of videos and challenges to choose from for all ages and stages. There are also very cute animal videos and relatable memes that really resonated with my daughter, who especially loved the animals.

First up, our challenge was to create an animated profile. Hosts Coco and Boh took us through an easy-to-follow video on tips and tricks to make your own moving/stopmotion profile picture as well as exactly what would you need for it – easy! As I was the daughter-assigned cinematographer, I watched my daughter get into the spirit of it by doing some hip-hop moves and posing like a supermodel. Gifmaker.me helps you with the rest and gives you options from text written over top, speeding up or slowing it down, and multiple backdrops – meaning Emma was able to hip hop her way from the Eiffel Tower to a tropical island!

So now, that our first challenge has been ticked off, Emma is busy winging her away around the rest of the site – it’s been amazing to find an online education resource that keeps her motivated and learning about many other things – as well as educating her on things that aren’t always easily explained, such as, “why do primary colours change into another colour when mixed? Fantastic!”

Getting kids on their way to some cool activities is as simple as registering at Genesis School-gen.

More at home activities

For more fun home activities to get the kids thinking visit Genesis School-gen and follow Genesis School-gen on Facebook.

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  1. SendCoffee 05/05/2020 at 8:57 am

    This looks like so much fun!! My 6-year old son loves experiments but I’m getting a bit bored of trawling Youtube for them. These are great, I can’t wait to show them to him so he can choose which one he wants to do first

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