50 finger-licking recipes that will sort out your fussy-eating toddler

Mealtimes can be a total nightmare if your toddler is a fussy eater. Add these 50 dishes to your cooking repertoire and watch them lick their plates clean.

Light meals and snacks

These recipes are great for when you’re out and about, or need to feed your tot on the run. Your fusspot’s morning and afternoon tea time snacks are now taken care of.

1. Baby banana pancakes

These bite-sized pancakes are the perfect afternoon snack, that won’t ruin their appetite for dinner.

2. Carrot fritters

Check out these delicious nibbles that will be gobbled up in a flash. Omit the seasoning if you need to.

3. Cheese and vegemite scrolls

Serve up one of these delish rounds, and your little one will think he’s hit the jackpot!

4. Crunchy lion sandwich

Turn food into art and they’ll never be able to refuse. What a fun sandwich.

5. Cheddar star biscuits

These cute little cut-out biccies are the perfect snack for littlies to eat when you’re out and about.

6. Baby carrots with honey and sesame

Turn your anti-veggie-eating-tot into one that loves carrots. It’s as easy as pie.

7. Potato fritters

Crunchy, more-ish and best eaten with a dollop of tomato sauce. These veggie fritters are scrummy.

8. Cheesy bacon and corn muffins

Savoury muffins with just the right combo of flavours, and guaranteed to entice little ones.

9. Bert and Ernie fruit snacks

This Sesame Street inspired recipe will always get even the fussiest fruit eaters to munch happily.

10. Polenta fries

If ‘hot chips’ is all your little one wants to eat, at least now you can make them healthy.

11. Stained glass sandwiches

Make sandwiches that look pretty and they will be gobbled up without a fuss, every time. So cool!

12. White bean dip

Similar to hummus this lush dip will encourage kids of all ages to dip and crunch.

13. Baked banana chips

Morning tea time just got a whole lot yummier. These must-try banana bites are simply the best.

Main meals

Say goodbye to the dinner time battle with this selection of mouth-watering toddler-friendly meals.

14. Popcorn chicken

These crispy morsels make a great weekend treat for little ones, alongside a serving of fries and sauce. Yum.

15. Pumpkin and mozzarella risotto balls

With a cube of gooey cheese in the middle, these perfectly sized rice balls will be a huge hit.

16. Lemony fish bites

The only thing tots will love more than eating these fishy  bites, is helping you to make them. Such fun!

17. Toasty ham and cheese croissants

This dinner-worthy toasty offers crunch, salty ham and oozy cheese!

18. Honey soy chicken

These sweet n’ sticky drumsticks make the ultimate hands-on dinner. Get that roll of paper towel ready.

19. Easy chicken noodle soup

Slurping your dinner is way more fun than simply chewing it. Just ask the kids!

20. Baked eggs for dinner

Even the pickiest eaters will get their kicks out of eating breakfast at dinner time.

21. Chicken and corn pies

This classic combination makes the perfect pie filling and it is super tasty.

22. Chicken wonton cups

The kids will love creating their own little dinner parcels. And they’ll definitely be up for a second helping.

23. Mini burgers

Just the right size for little hands, these belly-filling burgers will be devoured without complaint.

24. Macaroni cheese

Place a bowl of this creamy pasta in front of your tot and watch him lick his lips in amazement.

25. Salmon fish fingers

Fusspots will be delighted with these crispy-coated strips of pink fish. Bingo!

26. Baked potato with corn and bacon

The ultimate comfort food. Who wouldn’t want to eat this delicious, more-ish meal?!

27. Mini pita pizzas

Top these healthy little pizzas with your tot’s favourite toppings, for a quick and easy dinner time feast.

28. Sausage and beef casserole

Littlies will love all the ‘bits’ that make up this hearty dish. No need for cutlery mum, their fingers will do the trick.

29. Homemade chicken nuggets

This delish recipe will rival any shop-bought nuggets in the taste AND nutrition stakes. That’s good news all round.

30. Cucumber and salmon roll-ups

Now here’s a good reason for kids to play with their food. These little roll-up are fab for lunch or dinner.

31. Mini quiches with hidden veg

Tasty little quiches that promise a huge (secretive) nutrition hit – now that’s clever thinking!

32. Pork and prawn spring rolls

The kiddies won’t be able to get enough of these crunchy bites. Just chomp and enjoy.

33. Easy pasta bolognese pies

Bolognese lovers will fall in love with these pastry pieces. Great for freezing or eating straight away.

34. Chicken noodle stir fry

This wiggly noodle stir-fry will delight kids of all ages, and grown ups too!

35. Ice cube sushi

Enlist the kids’ help to make these fabulous sushi cubes. This is one novelty that will never wear off.

36. Mini meatloaf

Cute-as! These miniature loaves will go down a treat covered in a healthy helping of tomato sauce.

37. Healthy vegetable and chicken sausage rolls

How many will your tot eat? He’ll never be able to stop at just one.


Once they’ve eaten a healthy amount of their main meal there’s no harm in giving them a finger-licking sweet reward (but not EVERY night, of course!)

38. Ice cream slice

You may find this treat gets a little messy, but that’s just part of the fun of eating it.

39. Chocolate bread and butter pudding

You can make these into individual choccie puds as a special weekend treat. Your kids will swoon over their first taste!

40. Pumpkin custard

Now for something that will totally trick the kids;  they’ll have no idea that there’s actually veggies in it.

41. Cereal balls

These muesli and peanut butter balls will put an instant smile on your toddler’s dial.

42. Strawberry and orange icy pops

No kid will ever refuse a fruity frozen ice block, and these glorious fruity pops are no exception.

43. Choc chip scones

Nothing beats a warm scone served straight out of the oven. The kids will be in total agreement, guaranteed.

44. Fast fruit tarts

Here’s a finger-licking way to give your kids a serving of fruit and a delish treat at the same time.

45.  Nutella fairy bread

Want to make your little one’s day? A slice of this sweet bread will make every tot’s world a better place.

46. Chocolate brownies

Keep a batch of these in the freezer, and you’ll always have a toddler treat on hand when you need it.

47. White chocolate raspberries

When your little ones munch on these red berries, they’ll be in for a lovely surprise.

48. Jammy granola clusters

Perfect with yoghurt or as individual clusters, your kid will be in heaven when he gets his little fingers on one of these!

49. Rice pudding with strawberries

This irresistible combo will soon become your tot’s favourite way to end the day.

50. Banana and chocolate parcels

The littlies won’t care whether they eat these warm or cold. Either way they are the ultimate finger-licking toddler dessert.

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