Seven simple family dinners when there is no time to cook

You don’t need me to tell you how busy you are, nor that, despite being very busy, your family still has to eat. You know that. What could be helpful for me to share with you, though, is a week’s worth of meals that you can bung on the family table while barely pausing for breath from your never-ending to-do list. So instead of saying ‘to do’, you can say ‘ta da’! (Hey, there’s always time to cringe at bad jokes …)

1. Fettucine boscaiola

Nothing could be easier and more happily scarfed down by all than a big fat bowl of fettucine boscaiola. Use fresh pasta and it’ll be on the table even quicker!

2. Easy chilli con carne

Minimum effort, maximum satisfaction. So easy, it’s got the word ‘easy’ in the title. Our kind of dish.

3. Fast burgers

The kids want takeaway, and you don’t want to cook. But when you can whip up some yummy burgers faster than it takes to drive to the fast food shop, it makes sense to both your wallet and your waistline to opt for this tasty homemade version instead.

4. Quick glazed salmon

A healthy and delicious way to get a fix of fish into the family’s diet, this also happens to be ridiculously simple. Not to mention so quick that it’s got the word ‘quick’ in the title …

5. Spaghetti with tuna and olives

Got time to crack open a tin of tuna? Well then, you’re practically done! A great family meal for satisfying the hungry hordes without working up a sweat in the kitchen.

6. Chorizo fried rice

An awesomely simply dish that’s perfect for using up leftover rice. Get the kids to set the table before you start cooking … by the time they’ve finished it will be ready. In fact, if your kids dither as much as mine, dinner will probably be ready first!

7. Hoisin chicken stir fry

It’s hard to find a speedier meal than a stir fry – it’s only the chopping of veggies that takes time and this recipe has less prep than most, without skimping on health or taste.

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