How to make glue

Kid`s art and crafts can provide hours of fun for parents and children. Making glue is a fun and useful craft for your children. They will love to glue lots of things with their homemade glue.

Cool pencil toppers

Have some fun with your pens and pencils with these fun pencil toppers. This kids craft project is easy to make and will bring delight to your kids whenever they go to write or draw. Make funny face toppers, or make a koala or puppy topper. You decide!

Origami iris

Origami can be a great way to help your kids improve focus and attention to detail. This step by step video shows you how to make an origami iris. Once you've made this iris, you can move on to the more complicated origami lily.

Twirly paper pumpkin

Create these fancy-looking paper pumpkins for some Halloween fun. Use it as seasonal decorations for the table or hang it on your door, either way, this fun curly-twirly paper pumpkin will help your kids add some Halloween flair to your home.

How to sew

Learning how to sew some basic stitches is an important life skill you can pass on to your children. Why not spend a quiet afternoon showing them these two simple stitches to teach them how to sew.

Bubble bath

This homemade recipe for bubble bath will have the kids ready to jump in the bath at any time of the day. They may need a little help with the measurements, then you can sit back and relax as they enjoy bath time again and again.

Playdough hedgehog

Playdough is the ideal activity for children: it is colourful and it bends to their will. They can literally make anything that comes to mind, Why not try other sorts of creations too like this hedgehog?

Flower crowns

One for the older kids (or a parent to help out with), this is a way to put those flowers the kids pick on a walk to good use. Or grab some from your own garden when they’re in bloom and make some super-easy flower crowns for your super-cute flower children.

Paper snake

Make this paper snake and keep him as a pet. Go for a walk, hang him up or simply hand him out for a gift. This art and craft paper snake is a cute addition to any room's decor.

Meal Mat

This great art and craft activity will have the kids wanting to sit at the table all the time! Help them make their very own unique place mat and you wont be able to get them off the table even after meals have been finished!

Butterfly paintings

Get your kids playing with paints as they create a gorgeous butterfly painting. This is a great art and craft kids activity that will have your kids expressing their creativity in fabulous colours and shades.

Cloud dough

Cloud dough is the perfect sensory recipe for pre-schoolers to play with. It has enough form to create fun shapes but then falls apart for them to create something new. Make it on a rainy day and watch them play!

Make a pet rock

A pet rock is fun to create and, best of all, it is a pet kids love that requires no care! Follow these simple steps and the kids will have theirs in no time!

Heart art

Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to say 'I love you' to those people who mean the most to you. This heart art kids' art and craft project is an easy and quick kids' activity that will give your little ones the chance to make something special.

Pin wheel

Make these cute pencil pin spinners with your kids or use them as a sweet homemade party favour for your child's next birthday party.

Paper plate sun

This simple paper plate craft idea involves everything kids love: paint, glue, scissors and googly craft eyes.  Set it all out for your child and see if they can figure out how to create a paper plate sun.